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Image & Content Credit: Explore France


Paris? It’s a whole world in one city! Each of its neighbourhoods can be explored as a different country, from the village of Montmartre, to the Latin Quarter, through to the cradle of the Île de la Cité. And every stone tells us about art, from the iconic Louvre to the futuristic Louis Vuitton Foundation. Paris is a permanent celebration of culture, as well as gastronomy. And Christelle Brua, the world’s best pastry chef, certainly agrees.


Visit Lyon and give your taste buds a treat! The unique bouchons (traditional restaurants) of Lyon help make it the capital of French gastronomy. But Lyon is also becoming known for its innovation. From graffiti artists in the Croix Rousse district, a museum dedicated to the story of mankind, an urban art gallery in the middle of a stadium, and the famous Festival of Lights - when you visit Lyon you’ll find a feast of cultural highlights. And in the spotlight, the International City of Gastronomy brings a whole new flavour to your trip.

Must-sees in Lyon : Lyon sits at the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers: a rendezvous which is mirrored by its UNESCO classified centre which joins the modern Confluence district on Presqu'île peninsula. Don’t miss these top attractions:


When you think of Bordeaux, first and foremost – it’s wine that comes to mind. And no wonder, with 60 appellations and 7000 winemakers, the city is the capital of a region which is home to some of the oldest vineyards and finest wines in the world. When you visit Bordeaux, it’s not just about wine though – water is important too. A stroll along the banks of the River Garonne and the estuary of the Gironde reveals culture, nature, wine tourism and enchanting chateaux. Head south to experience the glorious coastline, savour fresh oysters and feel the silky sand of the Arcachon basin. Take the time to just be - and enjoy the joie de vivre.

Bordeaux must-sees : When you visit Bordeaux, its watery arteries serve as your guide. The lavish buildings that are a legacy of the 18th century former port spread along the banks of the Garonne and its UNESCO classified quays, around the imposing Place de la Bourse and to the rim of the famous water sculpture the Miroir d’eau (mirror of water).

Image & Content Credit: Explore France